The only training solution to train the glutes from their full lengthened to their full contracted position, in isolation, with no quadriceps or hamstrings involvement.

main features

  • Purpose-built training platform for deadlifts and Bulgarian split squats.
  • Independent or connected loading arm options for greater training variety.
  • Double rotatory grips self-adjust towards the machine’s rotation of axis allowing to keep wrists aligned throughout the entire range o motion; and 360º supination-pronation.
  • Conventional angled grips.
  • Two open hooks at different height on each loading arm to connect any type of attachment, including a provided barbell accessory that connects both arms to replicate barbell deadlift variation.
  • Roller pads for Bulgarian Split Squatadjust in height.
  • 2 loading horns on each loading arm.
  • Counterbalanced loading arm for a lower starting resistance.
  • Integrated weight plates storage horn located next to the loading horn to keep training space tidy and to make the loading and un-loading process convenient and time efficient.


What Makes It Different from Other Deadlift Machines?

While most deadlift machines share similar biomechanics due to their basic design, the differentiating factor lies in the variety of pulling options, particularly concerning grips. The Deadlift Elite stands out by integrating two double rotary grips that self-adjust according to the machine’s axis of rotation. This feature keeps the wrists aligned throughout the entire range of motion and also allows for 360° of supination and pronation, enabling a greater range of exercise variations.

Additionally, each loading arm includes two open hooks for attaching various types of accessories, a unique feature in the industry that opens up numerous possibilities for different exercises. The machine also includes a barbell accessory that connects both arms to replicate traditional barbell deadlift variations. Furthermore, the height-adjustable roller pads make it ideal for Bulgarian Split Squats, offering an optimal setup whether using the fixed or rotary grips.