The first 45º plate loaded hipextension machine on the market, with a groundbraking dual function to isolate the glutes and maximally work them through the full range of motion

main features

  • Unique in the industry 3D arc of motion allows hip abduction, along with hip external rotation and hip extension, replicating the optimal mechanics of the hip joint and functions of the Glutes Maximus, enhancing stimulus and effectiveness.
  • Offers two training positions: a traditional leg extended using the roller pads, and a unique bent- knee variation using the elevated adjustable foot plate that isolates the glutes and reduces hamstring activation
  • Handles rotate freely to naturallyself-adjust the pulling action of the user. Handles also adjust in height to better suit all individuals allowing to execute the exercise with arms fully extended, which is the most stable, strongest and comfortable set up.
  • Thigh pads are gas-assisted for adjusting their height with ease.
  • Roller pads adjusts so that users can lock their legs at the needed position
  • Resistance bands can be added to overload the end range of movement when glutes are fully contracted.
  • Integrated weight plates storage horn located next to the loading horn to keep training space tidy and to make the loading and un-loading process convenient and time efficient.


How Important Is the Knees-Bent Variation and What Makes It Different from the Conventional Leg Extended Exercise?

In the traditional leg extended variation, the hamstrings play a dominant role throughout a significant portion of the motion, with the glutes acting as secondary muscles, especially at the beginning of the movement when the hips are bent. As the hips extend, this dynamic changes, and the glutes become the dominant muscle group only at the end range of the movement.

By bending the knees, the hamstrings are positioned in what is known as active insufficiency. Their ability to contribute to hip extension is significantly diminished due to being shortened at the distal end. Consequently, the glutes become the main hip extensors throughout the entire range of motion. This ensures that the hamstrings are no longer the limiting factor in the exercise, allowing the glutes to take on the primary role. This variation uniquely isolates the glutes, enabling them to work from their fully lengthened to their fully shortened positions.