The revolutionary multifunctional glutes training foam BOX.

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Unlike flat designs, the angled shape increases stability and back external support. It prevents user from sliding backwards. Provides a consistent point of contact. Encourages proper form. Aids to maximize glutes tension at top position. Soft rounded edges enables a comfortable tilting point on the back.

Inclined surface aid proper form (user is less likely to hyperextend the lower back). Comfortable contact point on the pelvis and hips. Large training surface to support the trunk. Front edges perfectly located to grab yourself and add stability.

Large training surface. Landing is better absorbed and more stable with the slight angled form and integrated firm board.

The angle increases Squat depth while maintaining proper lower back positioning by improving ankle dorsi-flexion

3 Unique variations: toes raised/elevated; heels raised/elevated; sideways

Two different heights to position your feet. Ideal to add a resistance band at the bottom and increase the intensity of the exercises.

The large surface enables a comfortable position of hands and knees. Ideal to add a resistance band and perform standard hip extension with knee bent, or with leg fully extended moving upwards as well as diagonally upwards.

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The large surface is ideal to perfectly position the non-working leg as well as to support the hands for extra stability. The inclined surface enables a convenient and natural extended range of motion. Ideal to set up resistance band underneath and increase intensity.



  • Maximum profitability and return of investment.
  • Ideal training equipment to drive revenue through PT and SMALL GROUP TRAINING.
  • Easy to move to different training spaces, from group classes, to the free weight area, to the functional training area.
  • Provides a safe, convenient and comfortable training solution to perform free weights glutes exercises 
  • Non intimidating equipment that is appealing to everyone.
  • Commercial-graded high-quality manufacturing that meets the demands of busy gyms and heavy usage. Unrivalled durability.
  • Minimal footprint and training space required.
  • Amazing versatility. Multifunctional training solution for up to 30 glutes and legs exercises (as well as several core and upper body exercises)
  • Great investment. Ideal training solution for limited budged.
  • Can be placed at any type of floor or stored anywhere without damaging the surfaces the BOX is in contact with. 



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