Individualized optimal biomechanics with the greatest stability. Best hip thrust machine in the industry.

main features

  • Double linear bearing system allows the barbell to move freely up and down, and slide forwards and backwards, which enables optimal exercise mechanics for everyone without having to set up multiple adjustments.
  • Oversized angled bench and integrated shoulder pads (unique in the industry) maximizes stability, preventing the exerciser from sliding backwards and maximizing the ability to produce force and improve technique.
  • Barbell racking system with 3 locking points allows easier access and starting and finishing the set at an optimal height.
  • 3D angled foot plate facilities hip external rotation which allows for optimal hip mechanics and glutes functioning.
  • Height adjustable bench can set as low as the same height of the foot plate, replicating a GLUTE BRIDGE set up where quads are less involved and glutes activation is increased, allowing exercise variations, progression, and different range of motions.
  • Band pegs to add resistance bands an overload the end range of the movement when glutes are fully contracted.
  • Four integrated weight plates storage horns to keep training space tidy and to make the loading and un-loading process convenient and time efficient.
  • Intuitive with minimal set up required.


What are the Differences Between the Hip Thrust Elite and a Smith Machine?

There are two main differences, both crucial for performing optimal hip thrusts.

Firstly, the Hip Thrust Elite allows the free movement of the barbell in two dimensions: up and down, and backward and forward. This capability is essential as it replicates the unique arc of motion described by any user. A correct hip thrust trajectory requires an arc of motion for the hips and the barbell, rather than a straight vertical line. The Smith machine, in contrast, only permits a straight vertical trajectory, which is unnatural. This limitation restricts the range of motion and negatively impacts the mechanics of the lumbar spine, pelvis, and hips.

Secondly, the stability offered by the Hip Thrust Elite is unparalleled. It features an angled footplate combined with an oversized angled bench that includes integrated shoulder pads. This setup provides the most stable hip thrust platform in the industry, completely eliminating ground reaction and friction forces. This stability allows users to maximize force output and muscle tension. Such a setup is not possible with a Smith machine, where hip thrusts are usually performed with a regular flat bench and feet on the floor.

Is the Hip Thrust Elite Suitable for Very Small Individuals?

Yes, it is! Most manufacturers do not offer the option to adjust the bench height, often setting it too high for shorter individuals. Additionally, some designs position the footplate far from the bench. The Hip Thrust Elite can set the bench at the lowest height in the industry, nearly replicating a glute bridge setup where the footplate and bench are at similar heights. Furthermore, the footplate is deep enough to accommodate users of all sizes.

Is the Bench Adjustable in Height?

Yes, the bench can be adjusted to seven different positions to perfectly fit any individual.

What is the Maximum Recommended Training Weight?

The maximum recommended training weight is 300 kilograms or 660 pounds.