Glutebuilder®Ultimate Rack

The new GLUTEBUILDER® ULTIMATE RACK, integrates a fully functional Squat Rack into the side supports of the GLUTEBUILDER® MERAKI, becoming the most versatile and compact strength equipment for serious training.

    • Hundreds of exercises for upper body, legs and glutes.
    • Several attachments available providing a whole new range of exercises:
    • CABLE-PULLEY SYSTEM: upper and lower (rotational) pulleys plate loaded
    • BATWINGS GRIPS: knurled multi-grips with several widths and angles for all chin-ups and pull-ups variations.
    • 45º HIP EXTENSION: to connect to the safety spotters. Can be easily adjusted in height and depth. Ideal to use bands as resistance.
    • LANDMINE: attached underneath the GLUTEBUILDER V2, allows to perform the standard landmine exercises with the possibility to add resistance bands to the barbell.
    • A safe, comfortable and hassle-free solution to train the best glutes exercises. No more struggles setting up benches, resistance bands and barbells. Perform the most effective free weight glutes exercises effortless.
    • Integrated storage solution for barbell, weight discs and resistance bands to keep training space tidy and convenient loading and unloading barbell process.
    • Commercial graded, heavy duty and high-quality manufacturing. 120mmx60mmx3mm oval tubing with chrome finishes. No plastic.
    • Intuitive and with minimum set up required.
    • Virtually maintenance free.
    • Integrated QR code with free access to exercises library.
    • ASTM Certified
    • Includes:
      • 2 x L-hooks
      • 2 x Safety spotters
    • Unless specified in writing, the attachments cable-pulley system, 45º hip extension and batwing grips are not included.



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Additional information

Assembly Size

L 1510 × W 1410 × H 2090 mm / L 59" × W 55" × H 82".2 inches

Assembly Weight

16O Kgs / 352 lbs

Transport Size

BOX1: L 1955 × W 480 × H 160 mm / L 78.3" × W 19" × H 6.2" inches, BOX2: L 1570 × W 540 × H 345 mm / L 62" × W 21" × H 13.4 " inches

Transport Weight

190Kgs / 418 lbs