Deadlift Elite

The most versatile deadlift in the industry, featuring fixed and rotatory grips, open hooks to connect attachments and adjustable roller pads for Bulgarian Split Squats.

  • Purpose-built training platform for deadlifts and Bulgarian split squats
  • Independent or connected loading arm options for greater training variety.
  • Double rotatory grips self-adjust towards the machine’s rotation of axis allowing to keep wrists aligned throughout the entire range o motion;  and 360º supination-pronation.
  • Conventional angled grips
  • Two open hooks at different height on each loading arm to connect any type of attachment, including a provided  barbell accessory that connects both arms to replicate barbell deadlift variation
  • Roller pads for Bulgarian Split Squatadjust in height
  • 2 loading horns on each loading arm.
  • Counterbalanced loading arm for a lower starting resistance
  • Integrated weight plates storage horn located next to the loading horn to keep training space tidy and to make the loading and un-loading process convenient and time efficient.

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